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My story bullying

I am a young girl called Malou. I live in Denmark I will be exposed to bullying, especially on facebook and in the schools I have gone on. It has mostly been due to the fact that I have not been able to afford brand clothes, people have defamed me I have an ugly clothing style is very been called for an ugly girl and that I have no friends, some have said to me that I will not turn into something because they think that I’m a laughing stock all over the world. people don’t know how hard it is I have experienced bullying that people kicked and beat on me while I was lying down. People laughed just of it. was taken out of 5 schools because of bullying only my family and some of my friends have supported me. and they do still. I just know that those who have bullied me are so jealous that I’m fighting for my dream of becoming a pro blogger. that they do not have the balls to stand up to what they‘ve been through. I’m proud of you who support me has got many beautiful words sent by my lovely follows on an app called vines hope that will follow my life through my blog have you experienced bullying type into would like to read how you came forth out of bullying who helped you.  People bully me still. I get unpleasant messages on Facebook. I know that it is because I follow my dream. Some people cannot tolerate the success of all those who bully me will regret it when they look at my blog that I have many who support me in my dream and that they bully mistakenof the words they write to me,






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    You are so beautiful, stay strong! <3

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